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Siesta Time Keeper

Siesta Time Keeper is a web-based software package designed to assist with documenting actual time worked by employees and to create detailed time sheets.

When employees arrive at work, they can go to designated computers and "clock in" using our software. At the end of the shift, they can clock back out. The clock in/out procedure may be done using PIN numbers and/or using barcode scanners that read barcodes on employee ID cards. Either way, the program clocks the employee’s in/out time to the minute and second. To avoid fraud, the employee’s name appears on the screen in large, bright letters so that an observing supervisor (or camera) could spot someone clocking in (or out) a fellow employee. The security apparatus, when used properly, requires the employee to actually be in the building to clock in/out.

Principals or supervisors can produce daily reports that tell at a glance when each employee clocked in or out and which employees are absent. A wise school principal could take a quick walk around the building to make sure that no classrooms are being left unsupervised. Principals or supervisors have the ability to override the system and manually enter clock in/out times if an employee forgets to clock in/out as they should.

Finance staff and/or principals can create detailed time sheets. These time sheets tell exactly when each employee clocked in or out. It also has the ability to deduct for meal time. Work times for each day can be rounded to almost any amount (15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, etc.) If your system also subscribes to Siesta Staff Attendance, the time sheets will explain absences by pulling information from the Staff Attendance software. If paired with Siesta Staff Manager, Time Keeper will also include the pay (based on hourly rates) on the time sheets.

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