Siesta Software Solutions

Meeting the Software Needs of School Systems and Local Governments

About Siesta Software Solutions

Founded in 1996, Siesta Software Solutions specializes in the software needs of school systems and local governments. The company currently serves a large number of systems in Tennessee and is expanding to provide assistance to customers in neighboring states. All Siesta software products operate from a web-based platform using SQL databases that are controlled and secured by the local employer. All Siesta products interface using a single database.

The company began with the development of Siesta Staff Attendance, a program that simplified the process of managing the substitute teacher payroll and tracked in detail up to 100 types of staff leaves. Absences can be entered by a school secretary or by a system-wide employee. This software generates eighteen major reports dealing with staff absences and substitute pay. Please explore our products page for more information.

Staff Attendance was followed by Siesta Staff Manager, a software package that covers nearly every aspect of school system management. Siesta Staff Manager plans and projects staff budgets, including salaries, supplements, career ladder pay, employee benefits, and employer taxes. The program also has a large section covering all areas of personnel management, including detailed documentation of "highly qualified" staff for the No Child Left Behind act. The software generates an unbelievable number of reports, budget projections, queries, spreadsheets, and documents (like teacher contracts). There is no way to describe all the facets of the software here, so please visit our products page for more information.

Siesta Time Keeper is a program that creates accurate time sheets with ease. Employees can clock in and out using a very simple method. The entries are secured through the use of PIN accounts. Principals and other supervisors can tell at a glance who is present and who is not in the building. The program interfaces nicely with Siesta Staff Attendance and Siesta Staff Manager, making it a valuable addition to those other products. Please visit our products page for more information.

Siesta has added Siesta Job Application to enhance the previous three programs. Both certified applicants (eg. teachers) and non-certified applicants (eg. secretaries, educational assistants, cooks, bus drivers, etc.) can fill out job applications online. The data is stored for review in Siesta's main database, where it can be queried by principals and supervisors. It is extremely easy to make an applicant into an employee. Please explore our products page for more information.

Siesta General Inventory is designed to track all of your system's possessions – buildings, equipment, furniture, and much more. The program is designed satisfy several needs – GASB requirements, insurance inventory, and technology tracking. Items can be inventoried quickly and easily using any networked classroom computer. Output options include a variety of reports and the ability to design your own spreadsheets. Special reports have been designed especially for Federal and Special Education inventory needs. Some reports depreciate the value of items using straight-line depreciation. For more information, please visit our products page.

Siesta's newest software package is Siesta School Zones. Transportation supervisors and school system administrators can assign individual streets, or even parts of streets, so specific schools and buses. This software package allows residents in the community to quickly find out what schools their children will attend and what buses they will ride. Principals and school administrators can tell at a glance where any bus should be at any particular time. Please explore our products page for more information.

Please enjoy exploring the many products offered by Siesta Software Solutions. We offer free demonstrations of the power and versatility of our software. To request a free demonstration, please contact LGC.