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Siesta Staff Manager

Siesta Staff Manager is our largest software product and has two major components: personnel and financial.

The personnel side was designed specifically for school systems and local governments. This side of the program documents employee contact information, professional development activities, licensing (state, national, and career ladder), employment history, teaching assignments (for certified staff), educational background, awards and honors earned, evaluation data, testing results, professional matrices, demographic information, comments on employees, and detailed highly-qualified information for the No Child Left Behind Act. Professional Development activities can be posted on-line and employees can sign up for the activities in advance using an on-line feature in Siesta Staff Manager.

The finanical part of the software documents salaries (hourly and annual, indexed and non-indexed, local and total), supplements, career ladder pay, fringe benefits, employer taxes, staff accounts, and payroll data. The financial side of the program contains an enormous section dedicated to planning the next year's staff budget.

Siesta Staff Manager operates four major types of output – Reports, Projections, Queries, and Spreadsheets.

The projections section is a budget planner's dream. This section allows financial planners to take data from the "real" world at any point in time and experiment with it in the "projected" world. They can experiment with different salary increases (by percentages and/or amounts), insurance increases, different employer tax rates, and more. The projection section also prints out a nearly endless supply of projection reports, including a staff budget with the current budget data next to the projected data to better enable financial analysts to compare the "real" world with the "projected world.

In addition to budget projections, users of Siesta Staff Manager can launch queries within the software itself that will look for relationships between approximately 150 fields of data. The queries can look for employees certified to teach certain subjects, employees who earn more/less than a specified salary level, and so much more. There is virtually no limit to what data can be retrieved using the queries.

Data can also be exported to Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets. This part of the program allows the use of nine types of filters. The spreadsheet option can display up to ten data fields in a single report, and the data can be sorted by using a triple-sort mechanism.

There is no shortage of reports that can be prepared using Staff Manager. There are many financial reports dealing with salaries, supplements, benefits, career ladder pay, full-time equivalencies, and staff budgets. The software even includes an option for PIRS reporting. The abundance of personnel reports include items on licensing, staff assignment, professional development activities, professional matrix, employment history, evaluations, educational background, awards/honors, highly qualified documentation, demographics (for SACS and OCR reporting), employee testing, general contact information, and comments on employees. The software can also print employee contracts. You'll have to see the depth of the software to appreciate it.

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  • Salaries
  • Supplements
  • Career Ladder
  • Benefits
  • Employer Taxes
  • Staff Budgets
  • FTE Reports
  • Employee Contracts
  • Budget Projections
  • PIRS Reporting
  • ARS Reporting
  • New Hire Reports
  • Affordable Care Act Reports
  • ...and more!


  • Licensing
  • Teaching Assignments
  • Employment History
  • Staff Testing
  • Professional Development
  • Educational Background
  • Demographics
  • HOUSSE / Matrix
  • Evaluations
  • Staff Photos
  • Highly Qualified Documentation
  • Evaluations
  • Tenure
  • Awards and Honors
  • Staff Profiles
  • Document Uploads
  • Emergency Contact Info
    ...and more!