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Siesta General Inventory

Siesta General Inventory is a new web-based software package for documenting all of the "stuff" within your system. The software is capable of tracking thousands of items. It is designed to provide detailed information on items which are tagged with unique numbers or have unique barcodes. At the same time, it can track general items which do not require tags or barcodes.

Items can quickly be moved from room to room and even from building to building as needed. Inventories of entire rooms can be conducted in a matter of minutes. Since the program is web-based, the inventory can be done from a computer already in a classroom or from a wireless laptop. Items containing barcodes can be scanned using a barcode reader.

Multiple sites and departments can use the software simultaneously, and the departmental inventories may be isolated in various reports.

The data stored in the program can be searched in multiple ways using a query builder. This builder allows users to ask virtually any question, as long as the results are based on the fields contained within the program.

The software generates an abundance of reports that cover all aspects of maintaining an inventory. The special education report was designed with the assistance of the Tennessee Special Education department.

Siesta General Inventory is an ideal software package to meet GASB requirements, Federal inventory needs, Special Education inventories, and technology inventories. Your system would have a difficult time finding an inventory package that does what Siesta General Inventory does at Siesta’s prices.

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